Origins and other News

Wow, sorry for the delay! Life has been very busy with no shortage of ups and downs. Picking up where I left off, Pittsgrove Day was not as successful as I had hoped. Great networking though! I know I mentioned the poor turn-out in my youtube update a little while back. People are just so rude these days. I DO NOT appreciate when parents snap at myself or my line manager. I'll be coming back to this subject later.

In the meantime, I was very fortunate to get picked up by Kerry Ann Smith of About Face II for several gigs. I very much enjoyed the opportunity to work during the final Flyers' games as well. My sister even had the chance to model which totally made her day.

These are the girls I did the most work on, along with a crew of 4 other painters.

Here's a random pic of the Tasty Kake stanley cup being assembled. Oh the things I've seen...

Daddy had a ball too!

Painting at the Mann Music Center for a Childrens' Hospital of Philly event.

Shortly after my last Flyers' gig I got hit with a nasty case of food poisoning that put me on my ass for a good 5 days. I missed Relay For Life and my cousin's wedding! :( Total bummer.

On June 19th I set up shop at the over-hyped Southern Shore Music Festival. A total drag and waste of money. Yet another local event where one or two assholes pop up to give us a hard time and then crawl back under the pile of shit they sprang from.
The music was excellent, I will give them that. Awesome performances from Splintered Sunlight, Trout Fishing in America, The Lee Boys, and of course Little Feat.

Mom lent me her awesome Grateful Dead Sacred Pool banner for the booth and I painted my face up like Bertha. Many many compliments :D

Right now, I am updating you from the Greater Columbus Convention Center. I'm in attendance with the bf for Origins Game Fair. Just killing time, waiting for the always-awesome art show to open up. Tonight we are getting our grub on at the Mongolian BBQ and possibly stopping by the Beer Haus before catching the shuttle back to capitol square. Tomorrow I'll be checking out ComFest which is practically across the street and then hitting up Gordon Biersch for dinner.


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