Pre-Pennsic Thoughts

I got a DD! I opened up my computer this morning for an awesome surprise! If I grow from this feature as much as I did from the first then the sky is the limit. :D

Two weeks from now I will be in attendance at Pennsic 39 with NO INTERNET so all emails will be on hold until August 14th...Totally uncool, I know. If its important, you've got the cell. I will have my paint with me while I'm there. Totally looking forward to a Turkish Double at the coffee house and at least one awesome body paint. Maybe I'll find more willing victims :D

I guess I fibbed a little when I said in my last video update that it wouldn't be months before my next video. C'mon, I have good cause! I'm out of batteries for the flip...Ok ok! I know its a lame excuse. I'll make it up to you... I WILL come back with Pennsic footage!

In other news- The Tasting Grace music video should be premiering sometime around the end of August. I am hardcore excited and chomping at the bit to share it with all of you! Here's a sneak peek-


Please be warned that a winter tour is in the works!! ;-)
Expect to see me at Con on the Cob this October. I will be selling original artwork and teaching. Yes, teaching! More details to come...


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