A Hitchhiker's Guide to Revolutionary Thought

You only pack what you can carry.

Get ready, because I'm going to tell you about some things that you may find either believable or impossible. I think that a revolutionary way of thinking is in order these days, you know?

What if I told you that I think you can hitchhike over 300 miles in today's day and age and not become a missing person or victim?

What if I said that obtaining that societal ideal 9-5 job, for me, is not a success?

What if I said that the News, Politics, Religion, and other highly controversial topics could be part of the problem? A deterrent from that whole "thinking outside the box" thing.

( I just committed one of the cardinal blogging sins by the way, "never mention politics and religion.")<---I might be able to justify this, if you stick with me for a moment.

I was perusing the blog of Kate Jones, which ultimately led me to this PDF on the "Connection Revolution."
Its not terribly long and only requiring, sayyy... about 45 minutes of my time...so less time to watch the news! An engaging and inspiring read, the whole way through, on changing the way we think on a very basic level. I'm not talking butterflies and ponies, here.

"The Connection Revolution isn’t
like the American Revolution
or the French Revolution. The
Connection Revolution is like
the Industrial Revolution, like the

There were several key points that I took away from it, and some were there that I already agreed with.

"...we're living in a giant jerk-creating factory."

That sounds kind of childish at first maybe? Think about it. I woke up in a good mood, some dude cut me off on the way to the studio, I flip the wrong guy the bird! ( I don't know how but lets not focus on the wrong part of the story) I've just passed along a total jerk move.
Our recipient of the wrong bird proceeds to make the "WTF!?" face and then turns that confusion into impatience and maybe heeeee....steals someone else's parking spot later that morning. The wheel of jerk spins.
Stop birding me! We can stop this.

(The actual writing speaks about the jerk factory on a much more sensible, global level. I'm just weird.)

I think I've digressed.

How do you start your day, by the way?
Since I've been alive and remembering random things, my parents wake up between 5 and 6am and turn on the news. The sound of early morning traffic and weather reports helps ME wake up. I hardly ever watch TV! When I'm away from home for long or staying at a hotel, I begin waking up at 6am just to catch the news. It reminds me of home, why not?

Have you ever thought about the crap you are constantly bombarded with when you do watch the news? Yeah, its miserable! When I suggested the possibility of hitchhiking over 300 miles, you more than likely thought "LOL! Yeah, no let's not die today."

"We numb our minds with TV, video games, and drugs..."

People are being shot and killed all the time, I saw it on the news! Well what if we stopped surrounding ourselves with that negativity that isolates us and makes as weary of others. Don't we typically perceive strangers as untrustworthy? After all, Mom said, "Don't talk to strangers."

"Steeping ourselves in this
negativity keeps us from focusing
on the positive."

Not to say that creepers aren't out there but I really don't feel like being reminded of the ones that are ALL the time. Shit, no wonder people won't leave their houses.

What if you "Opt Out of the News"
or "Opt Out of the Job Culture"
and maybe "Opt Out of Politics"
or my personal favorite "Opt Out of Public School" among others.

But how is that possible? Our culture and the way we are taught to think doesn't allow these options to be feasible. That's the kind of stuff that is spoken about in that little pdf file, thought provoking stuff. There's some thought behind it, its not hippie stuff...at least not anymore.

Wow, though...That sounded like a lot of disconnection, where's "The Connection?"

"We teach. We paint. We act. We
become public speakers. We make
movies. We sculpt. We make music.
We write books, we write blogs, and
we write manifestos."

What if you spoke openly and honestly and not like Miss America? What if you made friends of diverse lifestyles and backgrounds. (What if you went to Pennsic! :D).

For example...I know a Muslim American...She's one of the most talented artists I've ever met.
I know a Lesbian...she's smart as a whip and an extremely hard worker.

By broadening your social circle by one or two people...maybe gay rights, discrimination laws, etc. are no longer just words on a political agenda. Eh?
Maybe they'd become real concerns of PEOPLE that YOU care about.

"Just ideas. World-changing ideas."

So, what the shit am I getting at???

I think I'd like to CHOOSE not to be surrounded by negative thoughts or people. Choose to have a large and diverse posse of crazy, cool friends. Choose to constantly expose myself to new and exciting things. Choose to start my own business instead of work for the man! And choose to create a spirituality that suits me...after all, I create everything else.


During the summer of 2009...in a galaxy far, far away...

I hopped in the car with a friend of a friend for land grab of Pennsic 38...Its near Pittsburgh.
A photographer (whom I had never met) calls and says, "I will do whatever it takes to have you at my Meet, Greet, and Shoot Out." A week later while I am still at Pennsic, I get in the car with a girl I had never met before (friend of the photographer I had never met before) and we travel to Harrisburg. She liked me enough to give me a ride back, afterward. :)

During War Week, a friend in Buffalo gives me a call, she says, "You should totally come out!"
I was still asking around for a ride North as the week drew to a close. By an absolute turn of the karmic wheel, I landed in the right place at the right time. Two people I still know only as "Mike and Becky from Ithaca" gave me a lift.

I ended up buying a bus ticket home from Buffalo. I figured I had already gambled enough. :)
An incredible three weeks of living out of a bag. I should write a book about it.

Oh and that friend from Buffalo? I met her in early spring of '09 while I was visiting town on body paint business. I had landed myself smack dab in the middle of a city, where I didn't have any friends or family. As fate would have it, I ended up in dire need of a place to sleep for the night.
A photographer I just met, went above and beyond the call of duty.
A chick and her family opened their home to me before they even knew my first name.
Now that's a revolutionary idea...


  1. Oh, I LOVE this post! I'm so glad I pointed you to the Connection Revolution, you're already doing it, but isn't it nice to have words for it?

    Well said, hun. Well said.

  2. "To being an 'us', for once, instead of a 'them'" - La Vie Boheme, from the musical, RENT.

    I once hitchhiked from Ellensburg, WA to Williamstown, MA with nothing but a clean shirt to change into when I got there, a stick of deodorant, a box of wheat thins, six bagels, a bottle for water, a single pack of cigarettes, and $10. It took six days, and I made it on that. All to see a girl who had already found a new boyfriend by the time I got there.

    Best experience of my life.

    And not only did I not die, but I met the most awesome strangers who were willing to help me before they even met me, and left me with good wishes for my goal.

    Good people are out there. :)


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