Scott Church Legacy

The above is by Tony Gibble, the following were taken by MrDagger.
A photographer, Jonelle! and myself :)
Ray Sopczuk's photo of Jonelle to the far left and MrDagger's image of Courtney F rockin' body paint to the far right.
Me and the lovely Jonelle.
HOLY HELL I'M IN A GALLERY!!!! epic face epic face epic face

A goal I gave up on years ago when I peaced out of Rowan and ultimately gave up on an art degree. Naturally, I felt blindsided when I got an email early Thursday (Jan 6th) asking if I would be in attendance. Mind you, the show opened the next day. I did receive a notice about the show back in December, I think it was, but I didn't think much of it after I saw the location. Lancaster is a good drive for me.

Mitch, MrDagger, was all like- You better be there! Your work is hanging!
I didn't miss a beat, I made arrangements to borrow my man's jeep and started looking up directions. Which worked out better for me, I didn't have time to get nervous! I hate trying to pimp myself but whenever I feel awkward, I remember a good friend's words
- When you're freelancing like that you have to become a giant whore for sounds messed up but its totally true.-

Anytime I do a meet and greet type of event, packed with my social awkwardness, I tend to poker face it. Then, when I get in the car, I have my own little party like " Whoa! I just did that. :D" I try to keep any and all gloating, big-headedness, and haughtiness between me and the stereo. This time I had a 2 and a half hour drive to get it all out of my system!

When I get out of the car, I go right back to looking for new ways to top myself. Because that's how I roll...

Scott Church Legacy Show at Mullberry Art Studios.


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