Awards and Recognition (and what it means to me).

 This one simple rule goes for everybody! Models, Photographers, MUA, wtf-ever it is that you do- You are judged in the real world by how well you can sell a product.

Give me a second, so I can take five to wipe my ass with your 1st place awards, Best In Show Recognition, or self-appointed title of your choosing (“Master” is my favorite).

Realistically, all these Daily Deviations, Showcases, and Pic of the Day type of awards and recognition don’t mean squat. I appreciate them, they give me a warm fuzzy feeling. They make me feel like a part of the online community but that’s where it ends. This attention is pseudo-fame. These kudos do not go beyond the art world. For some people, that’s all they’re looking for.

There are also self-serving competitions and magazines that are catered to a select niche of the industry. It doesn’t matter if you placed at a body paint jam downtown or at the World Body Painting Festival in Europe. At the end of the day, you’re still nobody. There might be an article published about you or you may make the cover of a niche magazine, but the exposure is still poor at best.

I imagine this is all the fodder of frustrated minds, desperate for a way to collect honors. What better way than to create your own publication or award! Its all smoke and mirrors.
Tearsheets in real magazines that reach the public speak volumes.

You, random reader! Quickly name a successful body painter!

Do it now!

Well…you probably don’t know their names but I bet you know their work. The top images on my mind are the Sports Illustrated Body Paint Swimsuits. Joanne Gair is a successful body painter. I wonder how many body art conventions she’s been too…

How about the artists behind the Delta Faucets ads (Tyson Fountaine) or the entire AT&T campaign focused on painted hands (Guido Daniele)?

Who are they!? I must’ve missed their names, plastered on the fliers for the next convention in the circuit... (sarcasm)

And just to clarify, I don’t think being hired by a multi-million dollar company to paint makes you a sell out. I think that allowing a company to buy your name or charging $100+ a head for “class” should be kind of embarrassing. Don’t you?


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