First, credit where credit is due. Ever since I read Kate Jones' blog entry on "Mornings", I've been conscious of how I start my day. Her post highlights the ebook "How to be a Morning Goddess" which I would recommend to all of my lady friends!

The idea is pretty basic, the way you start your morning absolutely affects the rest of your day. The author asked 20 of her friends how they start their day, an ebook was born.

So how do I start my mornings?

Ideally, I wake up naturally at a reasonable hour lol. I peek at my droid for any super important news before I make the decision to disturb Michael (he's usually curled up on top of me). I make a mug of coffee and perch on the front steps with my doggies. I find that the sunlight + coffee wakes me up faster than staring at a laptop. If weather is not permitting, I sit in the brown, cushy recliner with roughly the same view of the front yard. Mike likes that better, he can chase me down and curl up on me again. ; )

When I ultimately decide I am alert enough to type coherently, I return to my upstairs lair. Not without giving the doggies their treats, of course! I open the shades and crack the balcony door before I settle into one of the creakiest desk chairs in existence. :P It doesn't bother me but it has seen better days!

Then its time to wake the laptop. FireFox, Skype, TweetDeck, .Mail, Thunderbird, iCal, iTunes, and (never without) Stickies come to life. I'm one connected SOB. I try to knock out any social media type tasks before I get to the meaty part of my day.
The only problem with the schedule is that it is very easy for me to completely forget about breakfast. So after sitting for sometime, I tend to wander downstairs for a snack and then later wonder why my belly is still grumbling. A stick of string cheese is not really sustenance. : P

There's no right or wrong way to start a morning, so how do you start yours?


  1. Oh, I like that you're in the habit of getting outside _before_ the computer happens; I should try to switch things around that way.

    Thanks for playing along! And I'm glad I inspired you to think about your mornings.


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