Some Tuesday Thoughts

Its finally raining! We've needed rain so bad but this front is only bringing more heat to the area. South Jersey will be roasting for the next 5 days. :(

At least I will be spending time in the basement anyway. I'm still only about 60% finished with all of the garb making. Most intimidating garments? Japanese medieval garb. It doesn't look half as complicated as the fancy, romantic collared shirts but I have never made kimono before.

Business-wise, I have had a few setbacks and quite a few changes in my plans so far. The rest of the year is looking pretty busy though! At least, I INTEND to keep myself busy. :) Especially if I plan on going back to school in Fall 2012... Now now, not letting any cats out of potential baggies. I'm keeping those plans under wraps until I know for sure what's good.

On a side not, if I have contacted you about Cold Coffee Sundays or if I have already sent you the questions, please get back to me ASAP!

I've got two more videos on the way, I just need to polish them up for the tube. I've been putting it off with all that has been going on at home. I promise lots of Pennsic pictures...if my droid lives through the ordeal.

Have you checked out my Squidoo lenses yet?

On this lovely, humid, stormy, Tuesday I leave you with one of my favorite inspirational photos from the offices of one of the leading advertising firms, Chiat Day (now TBWA\Chiat\Day).

I snagged this image from ( ). Check out the link for this innocent bystander's full set, includes close-ups.

The negative space is comprised, entirely, of thumbtacks. I love it, think about it.


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