Pennsic XL Tales

Sunset over Zero Night XL
The drive to Cooper's Lake, like many road trips, ends in relief. The battlefield fills with zero night campers, prepared to party until morning. Land agents toss and turn in their cars and pop tents, stealing a few hours of sleep before Land Grab.

When we parked, we discovered a little souvenir caught in the grill of the Jeep. Gotta love shredded Tractor Trailer tires. :/

Land Grab was a headache that could have been avoided but an hour and a half later we fetched the cars and headed to our new home for the following two weeks.

Our "dump everything on the ground and park," strategy has been working well. Row two parking, can't complain! Later in the war we would notice that the parking lot sign earned "FULL" plastered across it.  

Set up went very smoothly and our camp had a lovely face lift for the big 4 Oh! It was so cool to finally have a fire bowl, and we used the hell out of it.

Naturally, Your Inner Vagabond topped our list of places to visit. During setup week we visited several times and I was able to catch up with old friends (and make a few new ones). I've been fighting my Turkish coffee craving since late winter. Ah...much over due :D

So wouldn't fate have it that one of the new waitresses was a face painter looking to break into the world of body paint?

I had a model booked for the night of the Mardi Gras party during war week and I invited our new friend and painter, Barb, to sit in on the session.

Katie's Henna!
Henna-ing Je
When middle Sunday rolled around, the rest of our camp arrived and settled in. Sunday was also the Henna Party so us girls made our way over there to check it out. Barb was able to make it too so we all got to sit together and make an epic Henna mess lol!

The evening of the Mardi Gras party, I painted up a gorgeous model as a Tigress. She preferred to remain anonymous so no pictures this time guys. ;)

However, the process was my first experience in personally teaching body art to someone who wants to learn it.

I have decided to force myself to teach a class next war.

  I keep saying I want to and then backing out because I'm not convinced it will be well received.

Bahh! Anywho, I got to drum at my first Hafla the following night. SO COOL!!! I think I would dig a Halfa over a camp party any night. There was so much talent there!

As the sun set and midnight madness began gearing up, I sent out a couple more painted bodies. Once again, no pictures ;)

That's Barb, she's from Canada :D
I wrapped up my last night body painting for the Clan Blue Feather party. I got an awesome request for a 1 up mushroom haha! Oh and don't let me forget the belly dancer who wanted a jellyfish on her tummy so she could make it dance. XD Good times. 

Ah, what a trip and I survived once more. Heat indices the first week were 100 and up! Temperatures the second week were gorgeous. Everyone had a great time and we had such a smooth setup and break down, what more can I ask for?

Our camp this yea
Good thing Barb got a picture of us. We totally forgot to snag a pic while we had the sheet walls set up. :(

We should have pics of our awesome friends and neighbors in Eldenwood too! What were we thinking!?

P.S. Stop over and thank Fox Kat Designs for several of the pictures shown here!

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