Pittsgrove Under Water

Rt. 605 near Seeley Lake.
It looks like tales of my Pennsic journeys have been temporarily eclipsed by the hardcore storm that decided to make extreme Southern NJ its bitch.

Mid August storms like this aren't uncommon and I didn't think twice before hitting the road yesterday evening. Much to our surprise, my boyfriend and I were turned around several times by raging (yes "raging") flood water. In Pittsgrove!? Yes, it was even worse in Elmer!

Sorry I don't have pictures of my own to share. I had my cellphone with me but I was too stupefied to think of snapping pics.  The image of Palatine Lake flooding the bridge and the surrounding homes will be forever burned into my mind.

The bridge over palatine lake (Olivet Rd I believe). 6abc.com

The small house on the bend approaching the Palatine Lake bridge on Olivet Road. 6abc.com

Lakes/Dams affected = all that you can name. You don't realize how many little bridges you cross everyday until they're submerged. Palatine, Parvin, Centerton, Seeley (seabrook), Elmer, Rainbow, even that little tiny stream at Deer Pen Park was overtaking the roadway.

Welcome to Historic Bridgeton! I just passed through here Saturday. 6abc.com

I snagged this from one of my buds on facebook. He's standing at Rt. 540 and Almond.

Rt. 540. CBS3.com

Seeley Lake. CBS3.com

I don't know what the news has been saying but 12 inches of rainfall was clearly measurable in buckets and swimming pools.

A picture of Sunset Lake overflowing. CBS3.com

The Burlington Rd bridge in Pittsgrove. 6abc.com photo credit Judy Sacootie

We've lost several bridges from what I understand and many roads are still closed, even though the waters have subsided today. As I type, thunder cracks. We are about to be hit by another round of heavy rain as my father carts the first trailer load of destroyed personal effects from the basement to the dump.

Round Two

We will probably be able to make another full load by the time this is over.

Relatively, this isn't bad at all. Very little water has come in, meanwhile sump pumps in Elmer are running around the clock and Anderson's General Store has a lake for a basement.

I learned the hard way, the day after Christmas of '09, never to leave anything on a basement floor. I bid adieu to many paintings and sketchbooks.

This entry is more or less dedicated to friends and family away from home or overseas who cannot imagine so much water in town. I know damn well that if I was away and someone was narrating the scene at the Centerton Inn to me, I'd have called them a teller of tall tales!

The Centerton Inn is behind you and Anderson's to the left.


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