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Mr Dagger Photo. 
So you wanna set yourself up on Model Mayhem, eh? Volunteering as a Gatekeeper has taught me a lot about what makes a sweet profile and what doesn't. If you're anything like me, you freeze up at the thought of filling out a bio. Model Mayhem comes with a character minimum too! No pressure, right!? Get your profile up and running (and taken seriously) with these quick tips!

This information can basically be applied to any profile on any professional networking site...but it's directed toward Model Mayhem newbs.

First of All
Take your Profile Name seriously. It’s not an AOL Screen Name.
There's nothing wrong with stage names and handles. My name is 16 characters long, of course I chose to use a handle! However, BabycakesX0X03221 is not a handle. The sad part is that it's probably a real username on MM somewhere.

Now to the meaty bits.

11 Basic Questions to consider 
when filling out your Bio.
Mr Dagger Photo. Model: Monique Mitchell
1. What type of Model/Photographer/Makeup Artist do I want to be?
2. What type of photo-shoots do I want to take part in?
3. What am I here to create?
4. What type of media am I trying to get published in?
5. Who/What inspires me?
6. How much experience do I have?
7. Am I seeking compensation or *TF* to build a portfolio?
8. Is the compensation I am seeking backed up by experience?
9. Will I be bringing a friend/parent/significant other with me to my shoots?
10. How often will I be able to shoot/model, what is my availability?
11. How far am I willing to travel for a shoot? Do I travel a lot?

*TF stands for "Time For..." 
You're saying that you will work for trade. Common uses are:
TFP- Time for Print.
TFCD- Time for Compact Disk (of all of the images from the shoot).
TF*- Left as is indicates that you are willing to work for trade.
I'm sure that more variations are out there.


Photographers- What equipment do you use? When should models expect their images, how many will they get? Do you work out of a Studio or only on-location?
Models- What are your measurements? Can you do your own makeup? Do you have any allergies (cats, dogs, latex)?

Hopefully there are some gears turning my now!


Other Points to Consider

Check your grammar and spelling. How can you expect others to take you seriously if you are not taking yourself and your image seriously? You may also like to read 10 Words You Need to Stop Misspelling by The Oatmeal.

Serena Star Photography.
Model: Miss Rae Sin
Makeup: MRS Beauty
Though third person biographies may be appropriate in their own time and place, Model Mayhem is more informal. The whole point of the site is for amateurs to build a portfolio, right? As a model mayhem user, I expect to read the writing of a real human being- not a wiki article. Which leads me to my next point.

Don’t go overboard on your bio!
An essay length bio is off putting. We don’t need to know about growing up, high school, your favorite books and movies, none of that.

Try to avoid these over-used phrases.
• “I am currently an aspiring photographer/model/whichever.” Well, aspiring to what?
• “I am currently…” <- It’s redundant. Currently is probably the most overly used word on MM ever.
• “My name is… and I’m new to the scene.” Yes, we know.
• “Everyone/My friends/random folks tell me I should pursue modeling/photographer/makeup.” O rly?
• Models less than 5’6” –“I’m going to change the definition of fashion model.” No, you’re not. Believe me, its not our decision.
Stellar Examples
Serena S #9029
Artistic Physique #1793485
Cat Hedlund #1771218

Bob Hubbard #120736
GW Burns #11291
SCG Photography #1280934
Serena Star Photography #14219

Makeup Artists
Andrea Losecco #1553655
Felicia Bomba #245664
Jessica Jean #643501

Further reading 
You might also like-
"Model Mayhem is very much like a large city. The community is extremely diverse, people’s goals vary widely and there are lots of different ways to meet people. Though we try to keep the mayhem side of things alive (keep it fun), this place really does exist to help members connect and grow, so we thought we’d share some of the key places on the site where you can meet your next best friend and maybe get some work done as well." -How To Network on Model Mayhem

Ray Sopczuk. Model: Sydney Jaye
"I spent over 30 years working with aspiring models, not just as a photographer, but mainly a fashion show producer. I interviewed, trained, rehearsed and traveled around the country with hundreds of models. The one thing they all had in common, aside from being runway models, was a desire to also be fashion, commercial, swimwear etc. print models. "- What Type of Model Do You Really Want to Be?

Alright, that should be enough to get you kids out of the gate! Remember, real humans are approving your profiles. When you BS your way through the bio, we notice. 
I hope these help and any feedback is much appreciated. Have fun, stay safe!


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