Networking Chore List: What A Daily Grind Looks Like

  How do you stay on task? I keep a list of internet chores, scrawled on two large sheets of newsprint that are taped to the wall by my desk. If I didn't tape them to the wall, they'd get lost in the shuffle! It's also impossible to actually finish this list every day. At the very least, it is a guide for how I should be spending my time. It serves as a bit of an anchor, keeping me from straying too far when I visit Facebook or Reddit.

To create a master list of chores, I first made a list of all the networking sites where I'd like to maintain a presence. Then, stir in a couple good marketing techniques. Apply good sense and Voilá!

Have a Look at My Daily List

1. Blogs
   Hunt down the latest top blogs in my realm.
   Comment on 5 or more each day and share awesome content via social media.

2. DeviantART
   Keep up on latest body art deviation stacks and comment on 5 or more deviations.
   Check latest journals for related content.
   Share something art world related with my watchers.

3. Forum Interaction
   Check FacePaintForum, Model Mayhem Forum, WNY Model Photography, and LinkedIN forums.
   Contribute to at least 3 posts.

4. Facebook Fanpage
   Leave a thoughtful comment on 2 or more fan pages per day.
   Tag 1-3 new pages on my page per week.

5. Twitter
   Follow as many new people relative to my interests per week. Try not to over-do it.
   Converse/engage 10 users per day.

6. YouTube
   Subscribe to 10 related users and comment on their channels.
   Upload a new video every week.
   Send new video to subscribers that would be interested, ask them to share it.

7. LinkedIN
   Connect to at least 5 new people in my field.
   Contribute to at least 3 interesting discussions in groups.

8. Squidoo
   Comment on at least 5 lenses.
   Publish a lens every week.

9. Relationship Marketing
   Submit 2 guest posts per week.
   Introduce 2 people already in your network who would benefit from meeting each other.

As I said in the beginning, its almost impossible for me to complete this list 100% on a weekly basis. When was the last time I uploaded a video? I don't remember. I keep getting requests for more so bear with me.
"Blogs" in this case, relates to others. I'm still trying to work out the kinks in my own, like settling on a regular post schedule. D:

Remember, "Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits."-Thomas Edison

I hope everyone had an epic St. Patrick's Day!!! Tune in every Monday for tips and tricks. Subscribe to the blog or leave me some love on Facebook.


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