9 Ways to Stand Out as a Creative Professional

Photo: Gino, Model: Christine Von Rose
Makeup: Katie McLaughlin
   You can have the portfolio or the credentials but you won’t get too far without being friendly, helpful, and memorable. Happy clients and excellent communication are marks of professionalism. You’ve got some sweet talent and a bit of ambition! Now take these tips and run with ‘em!

Be Friendly

  •  Network like a boss, not a bot.
  •  Start genuine relationships through both real life events and social media.
  •  Always return comments and compliments. You have to engage to be engaging, eh?

Be an Expert
  •  Offer advice, critique, or coaching.
  • Talk at events or teach classes.
  • Write about what you know.

Be Memorable
  • Always follow up after the shoot, gig, or meet & greet.
  • Offer help setting up, breaking down, carrying gear, etc.
  • Be memorable by being considerate. Does your team need a coffee fix? Does your model need a break? 

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