10 Common Mistakes Made by Face Painters

10.  Not Requesting Referrals.
Most of our business comes from referrals. Just like a wedding photographer, we can advertise til we're blue in the face. How do client's find you? They ask a friend.

9.  Ignoring Social Media.
You have to stay hip with the times and social media is where people are. It's not good enough to set up a Facebook or Twitter account and walk away. The key is conversation and interaction!

8.  Not Having an eNewsletter.
This one, I never would have thought of on my own. A tip from community builders and bloggers, start an email subscriber list and keep people in the loop. DO NOT spam them.

7. Not Having Business Cards.
Not only do you need them, you need them on you at all times, and you have to hand them to people. That's part of the deal.

6. Arriving With a Naked Face!
I plan to arrive at birthday parties with my face already painted. Would a clown arrive without their makeup already done? Events are a different animal. Setting up a booth in the summer heat could land you with a melting face.

5. Trying to Handle the Cash and Paint.
There are two reasons I have qualms with this. First, it's a sanitary issue. I don't like handling money while I'm handling makeup. Money germs on my hands and paint on the monies. Second, having to handle cash slows down your work flow when you're trying to break even at pay-per-face events.

4. Painting While Seated.
It’s not good for your back...at all. I'm just looking out for your on this one. Get a bar-height chair, like a tall director's chair. It's just way more ergonomic and I'm talking from experience.

3. Using Rubbing Alcohol Impropery.
The power is in the drying! Are you trying to sanitize brushes and paint between clients? I hope you have a second set of paint and brushes because you need to wait for that alcohol to dry or else you're just wasting alcohol. Silly Farm recently put up a good post on sanitation at festivals, The Dirt on Keeping it Clean. The best you can do is wipe down your paints and rinse your brushes.

2. Displaying Work That IS NOT Yours.
It’s a bit of a bait n' switch and it's not cool. Only display your work and designs you can actually do in the time allotted. When I see 20 minute designs on display boards, I laugh. Partly because I'm a cold-hearted bitch but more so because the kid isn’t going to sit still for you to do all that detail. Also, you want to get that customer in and out of the chair as soon as possible at an event. So, Think before you DO.

1. Non-Toxic is Makeup- Wrong! Tempera and Acrylics do not belong on children’s faces! I could rant on and on about this or I could just send you here. Why I DO NOT use Acrylics for Face Painting.

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