Girls of the Gunrunner 2013 Calendar

Better late than never! In case you haven't heard, there was an epic calendar project that I was a part of— now known as Girls of The Gunrunner: The Revolution is On.

I was not able to make it back out to Ohio for the release party but, from what I hear, it was pretty darn well received. Images are being shared far and wide across the social media universe! As a group, I believe we have put together something much greater than ourselves, and that's boss.

Some of the ghost images are my favorite. The crew did an awesome job. Each image has really been brought to life. The girls look like comic book heroes (or maybe super villains, either way) and you want to give them a backstory of equal measure.

Working through piles of concept sketches, I took a lot of inspiration from Mad Max, Frank Miller, Lara Croft, and Transformers. An extra special thank you to Mr Dagger Photo for putting together these composites of the final concept art and finished pieces.

Shout outs to the amazing models (in order of appearance in this blog post): Courtney F, NK, JNL, and Stephanie Ferrari.
Makeup Artists, we couldn't have done it without you! Karen Siat and Sue Prosser.


I love the writeup from the website!

"All new photographers, new models, exploding scenes of our girls fighting apocalyptic zombies with the finest of Gunrunner auto weapons- this is one helluva effort. All models were nude and then body painted by a national caliber artist- this calendar is TO DIE FOR! Sublime in all ways! If you wish to purchase a calendar call Jennifer at (440) 834-0160 Cost is $10 each and $4.95 for shipping. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!"-

Want more?

To see the entire Calendar spread, visit MrDaggerPhoto's Blog here.
It's a larger file, if you're on a mobile device or concerned about load time, this may be a better way to view

Time to get back to the drawing table for next year's calendar ;)

You're going to love it!


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