A Circus of Fashion

Cirque de la Mode at The Niagara Arts and Cultural Center

The first wearable art show to be held in the Auditorium of the old Niagara Falls high school appears to be a huge success. Every dollar raised by the circus-themed fundraiser will be matched by a NYS grant to aid the restoration of the high school, an historic landmark.  I am proud to have participated with over 30 local designers, nearly 100 models, and countless makeup artists, hair stylists, assistants, and other volunteers that pulled the show together. A huge Thank You to the organizers and a many thanks to my models, Courtney Dressler and Brianne Lilly, who volunteered their time and energy!

Photographs courtesy of Rick Warne Photography and Bill Dorsey.

Both headdresses were handmade. 
The boot covers are hand-stitched. 
Brianne’s top is store bought and customized. 
The scepters are repurposed curtain rods. 
The skirts, shoes, and courtney's lace choker are store-bought.

Courtney rocked Monster Pasties, which might be available only from Silly Farm. They are like a second-skin, full-breast cover. I was hesitant to try them but I am very pleased with their staying power and seamless appearance. If I were using brush and sponge, I'm not sure that I would have gotten as smooth of a finish. The texture would remind you of painting over Pro-shields.

Behind the Scenes!


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